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How (&Why) To Start A Relationship Coaching Business

5 Steps to Becoming a Profitable Coach & Making A Massive Impact

Have you considered becoming a relationship coach?

It’s a great niche market to invest in. 

There’s been a growing demand for relationship coaches since there are more and more couples proactively seeking relationship coaching to help them attain their mutual goals. 

With the massive growth in personal and professional development, couples are seeking a relationship coach that can work with them as a couple, rather than one-on-one.

As relationship coaches, we are experiencing a high-demand from couples seeking coaching. On that note, we are committed to building a team of powerful, certified relationship coaches, operating under the name of EmPowered Couples Coaches. Our aim is to collectively impact as many couples around the world as we can.

Benefits of Being A Relationship Coach:

1. You can coach whenever and wherever you want. Do you want to work from home, so that you can be with your kids? Do you want to spend summers by the beach? As a relationship coach, you can create your own schedule. 


2. You can create an abundance of wealth. As a relationship coach, you don’t get paid a fixed salary as a regular employee does. Instead, you get paid per coaching package, which is usually a large sum. This can allow you to be financially stable and increase your wealth with just a few coaching clients at a time. 

3. You can make a major positive difference in people’s lives. Imagine having couples telling you how much you helped them work together to achieve their goals. The reward of knowing that you helped couples improve their relationships, in addition to their lives, is greater than the monetary reward.

4. Standing out and expanding your network. If you think about it, when you hear people say "I'm a coach" or "I am a life coach," it may sound too general or vague. But if you say, "I am a relationship coach," it is more unique and may prompt people to ask you to elaborate on what you do. As a result, you will stand out in any networking opportunity and potentially expand your client base. 

Steps to Becoming a Relationship Coach:

Step One: Decide The Types of Couples You want to Coach as a Relationship Coach

It’s important to attract your ‘ideal clients’ and market appropriately to cater to each couple’s specific needs, because each couple may seek coaching for different reasons. 

Examples of relationship coaches:

- Coaches for all types of relationships (family, business, romantic)

- Coaches for millennial couples

- Coaches for couples preparing for marriage

- Coaches for couples who aspire to be entrepreneurs 

- Coaches for couples on the verge of divorce and want to repair their relationship

- Coaches for couples focusing on creating wealth

- Coaches for couples who want to travel together

- Coaches for couples who want to start a business together

- Coaches for couples who are parents

Step Two: Decide if you will be coaching independently or work with your significant other

We have seen both options to be effective, but it’s especially powerful when a couple is coaching another couple. 

This is probably because the couple will relate more to another couple giving them advice.

Step Three: Get Trained and Certified as a Relationship Coach

There are several benefits to being a trained and certified relationship coach. 

Firstly, it will teach you the most effective techniques to working with couples. 

Secondly, it will help you and the couples you are coaching gain confidence in your skills. 

Last but not least, it will teach you the business behind being a relationship coach. It’s one thing to know how to coach, it’s another thing to know how to get paid as a coach. 

On that note, with the help of our Relationship Coaching Program, you will learn how to uniquely work with couples, as well as how to turn it into a profitable business. In addition, if you partner with a program that is proven to be effective, such as our EmPowered Couples Coaching Program, you will be trained in how to appropriately coach couples.

Connect with us today to learn about our different programs: FORM HERE

Step Four: Create Useful Resources for the Types of Couples You Want to Coach

Based on the types of couples you selected to coach, brainstorm different resources that would facilitate your clients’ goals. 

Take a moment and write down five ideas.

Examples of Resources:

     ✦ A conflict resolution checklist on your website

     ✦ A podcast for couples to learn about finances

     ✦ A YouTube video playlist, in which you discuss the important topics couples must be aware of before marriage

     ✦ A blog where you interview couples who recovered from potential divorce

Regardless of the type of coach you want to become, the clients must always be your first priority, where you must aspire to constantly add value to their lives. People must trust you and feel that you are creating unique resources that cater to their individual needs.

‍Step Five: Begin to Brand Yourself

Nowadays, more and more people are drawn to brands that are individual people, rather than vague company names. For example, people are more likely to follow and trust “Jason Low” over “Infinite Potential Coaching.” 

Consider branding yourselves as influencers, rather than authority figures.

You can choose to use your first name, last name, or your full name. You can even combine your family name with inspiring words. 

For example, a brand name like “Wealth Coaching With Jason” will tell potential clients your name and what type of relationship coaching you offer.

Once you brand yourself, you must be consistent with sharing that name any chance you get: on your social media, your blogs, business cards, and when you network.

The quality of your brand is important because it will determine whether or not it will attract media opportunities. 

Moreover, the better the quality, the more it will be shared through word-of-mouth.

Imagine hearing your friends say, “I was telling someone the other day about your Wealth Coaching With Jason programs and they wanted to learn more about you.” That is what happens when you build yourself well as a brand; you become sought after, which can only alleviate your brand.

P.S. As part of our Coaching Certification programs, we help you develop and launch your personal brand.

Fill out this form to learn more about our Relationship Coaching Certification programs: FORM HERE

In closing, we encourage you to consider becoming a relationship coach. 

This form of coaching continues to become one of the most sought-after types of coaching, and the demand is larger than the supply! 

Connect with us, so we can help you become a wonderful relationship coach.

Cheers to making an impact on relationships all over the world,

The Freemans

Author: The Freemans

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