You’re about to find out how ECU has served over 802,000 couples (and counting), and why it’s the perfect fit for your relationship.
Here’s the cold hard truth:
Love is not enough...
We know that stings a little. But loving each other doesn’t guarantee that you’re great communicators, that you fight fair, or that you handle challenges as a team.

But encountering challenges doesn’t mean something is ‘wrong’--it just means there are some unhealthy patterns to unlearn and key relationship skills to implement, that none of us learned growing up.

Let's do a quick relationship check-in:
You are most likely thinking "yes that really hits home for me, but what does that mean I really get?" This is a perfect question, and one we feel has not been very well answered by other relationship 'experts'.

No doubt you have come across experts that say "have more love and connection in your relationship!" Ok, yes that sounds great but honestly that is so vague! Plus doesn't it make you feel like they don't really know you? They tell you to you'll have more love... but they don't even know how much love you have now.

What is the #1 thing that you have to know before you can get anywhere? Where you are now! But how do you know 'where you are now' in your relationship? Well here is your opportunity to get your first idea.

We do have a way for you to know just what level your relationship is at, but before that take a minute to self assess and see where you think you fall in the 4 levels of relationship...
Whichever level you see yourself at now, don’t judge it. It's already progress to start to identify it. Saying it simply, you’re just not exactly where you want to be as a couple, but you can at least see where it is you want to go. But what is the path to then get there? Ah, another great question you ask...
That’s where ECU comes in:

Here are 3 options to enroll into the
Empowered Couples University

✔︎Just get into an argument?
✔︎Struggling to communicate and understand each other?
✔︎Busy but still need a breakthrough, like today?

This is just the right starter course for you, right now!
✔︎ A ½ day, life changing experience, for you to learn and practice the skills to communicate better in 5 hours instead of 5 months.
✔︎Live facilitated chat and coaching from relationship experts.

Over 657 couples have attended (online and in person)
✔︎Overcome any challenge and prioritize your relationship with just 90 minute video workshops per week.
✔︎Take your relationship assessment and find out which relationship level you are at... Then the course will take you to being an empowered couple! 

(PLUS: get the Couples Workshop + Communication Course)

Looking for relationship support, but still not sure where to start? Literally text us: 602-321-5652

At ECU, we believe:
✔︎Behind every relationship challenge, is a missing relationship skill (that can be learned).

✔︎“Working” on your relationship should not only be a ‘norm,’ but can be an enjoyable, empowering process.

✔︎Love is not enough to guarantee a lasting, healthy relationship.
Love is what brought you together, but it’s skills that keep you together.

✔︎Just like you invest in your health, your home, your children, and your career--your relationship deserves that same level of investment into growth.

✔︎Enroll into ECU today and become the couple you’re capable of being!

All this being said, what is Empowered Couples University? It is the place for busy couples to unlearn unhealthy patterns and gain the modern relationship skills none of us learned growing up through: courses, coaching, certification, and live couples workshops!

Results From The Couples Workshop

best couples workshop
best couples workshop
best couples workshop

Results From Courses and Coaching

best couples workshop
best couples workshop
best couples workshop

Need a Relationship Breakthrough Now?

We have all had times in our relationship where we feel stuck. Maybe you've been having the same disagreement repeat itself lately, or maybe you just can't see eye to eye on an area.

You don't need a long drawn out counseling session, you just need something NOW to have a breakthrough as a couple.

Schedule a Relationship Breakthrough Session to gain clarity, better communicate, be understood by your partner, and feel more like a TEAM that's moving forward!

So here's the deal:
~ 60 min video call with The Freemans
~ $150 to reserve your time spot
~ If you don't have a breakthrough, you can get a refund or you can apply it to a course

We are excited to connect with you both soon. With Gratitude, The Freemans