Personal development for couples:
For you to learn the modern relationship skills to become the best partner you can be, and the
power couple you're meant to be.
Level 101:
Audio Courses

For those of you that are on-the-go, enjoy these mobile accessible audio coaching programs each with 10 chapters and effective worksheets included. Select the courses that address your goals for a healthy relationship.

How to Make More Money as a Couple shows you how to organize your finances, clarify and create additional income streams and manifest more money as a couple.

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How to Achieve Your Goals as a Couple shows you how to set collaborative goals inside your Couples Vision Statementand overcome any roadblock in your way.

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How to Communicate Effectively & Resolve Conflict shows you how to transform any argument, challenge or disagreement into an opportunity for connection.

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Level 202:
Self-paced online workshops

This 5 week self-paced course brings together couples from around the world giving you the platform to achieve your goals faster as a couple. You will cover everything from prioritizing your aligned goals, overcoming communication challenges, feeling freedom in your finances, and deepening your intimacy.

Level 303:
2-on-2 private coaching

Just like an athlete, CEO, or entrepreneur has a coach to get even better results, you now can receive Coaching as a Couple to be the best partners you can be. You choose between two tracks to focus on: Strengthening Your Relationship or Strengthening Your Relationship While Monetizing Your Vision.

Relationship Growth
Relationship + Monetizing
Your Vision
Level 404:
Relationship coaching certification

Relationship Coaching is the next booming niche where you can make an Impact while making a great Income, by being a sought after relationship coach. Get certified in this 36 hour Accredited program to strengthen your own coaching skills and learn the business practices to grow your coaching business.

Creating A Couples Vision Statement:
Schedule a FREE Coaching Call to create your own "Couples Vision Statement ". A vision statement for your relationship will give you even more clarity on the direction your are going together, having you feel even more like a collaborative TEAM! 

We personally take you through the copyrighted 5 Step Process for creating your unique vision statement. This is the perfect way to connect and be re-inspired for what you are co-creating together.

We are excited to connect with you both soon.

With Gratitude, The Freemans
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