Achieve your relationship goals as a couple




Are you in 1 of these 3 places?

1) You love personal development and are looking to grow as a couple in your connection, communication and purpose

2) You're wanting to create or grow a business as a couple for the additional time and freedom it will bring

2) Wanting to create a business or work together for the additional time and freedom it will bring

3) You're desiring to rekindle inspiration and connection as a couple, and create a new vision for your lives and relationship.

We help couples connect and achieve together!

Meet The Freemans

Jocelyn & Aaron Freeman are authors of The New Power Couple, speakers, relationship coaches, and Founders of Empowered Couples University.
They have shared the stage with Tony Robbins and Hall-of-Fame speakers, were nominated as Arizona's 40 Under 40 Influencers, and are on a mission to reach one million people in the next two years through speaking and coaching couples.

Their vision is that relationships are thriving around the world and the divorce rate lowers in their lifetime.

How You Can Start Growing Together:

Craft a vision, create a foundation of balance, and find the courage to live unapologetically
Strengthen your relationship in all areas of life, create a business or accelerate your dreams becoming a reality
For couples in Arizona, connect with like-minded couples and influential speakers to support and grow your relationship
Empowered Couples University is your platform to learn and grow into a power couple team.

The Results of Couples

We had one of the biggest conflicts of our relationship while in one of their programs. The Freemans talked us through a few steps to take mid-conflict and also had a practical worksheet that took us step by step through it and it SAVED US. We're using this process and worksheet for any conflict moving forward.
Chandler, AZ Couple
"We attended one of their workshops and it was truly fantastic! We were led to create a unified vision statement that truly reflects our purpose and goals as a couple, and also learned a really effective way to resolve any conflict amongst other awesome content.We highly recommend all couples attend.
Phoenix, AZ Couple
Leslie and Scotty's Story

"We wanted to figure out a way to create a business doing what we love, TRAVELING!

Thanks to Jocelyn & Aaron's coaching, our 5 year vision has turned into our 1 year vision.. Our 1 year vision is NOW our current reality, and our business is thriving.. HUGE thank you for making our dreams possible NOW."
Trevor & Elena's Story
"We had a lot of ideas of where we wanted to go with our business and a book we wanted to write, but had no real clarity as to where we were going. A lot of procrastination going on to be honest.

During the coaching with Jocelyn & Aaron, we got clarity, learned how to work with intention, used the practical yet powerful tools to finish the book, create our offerings, sell our programs to where Elena has left her 9 to 5 job to work full time on the business!

Whether you want to improve your relationship, start a business, or achieve goals, we highly recommend coaching with the Freemans to get you there."
Kristel & Todd's Story
"We were going through the mundane day-to-day life with work and kids. The Freemans got us on board to define what our vision statement was as a couple.

We were shocked on aligned we were, yet letting the rocks of everyday life stop us from realizing who we are as a couple and expressing the great value we truly bring to the world, TOGETHER"
Drew & Chelsea's Story
"In the first 3 sessions we were able to get on the same page financially, created new health habits and learned to leverage our perceived differences. 

We feel peace, more fun and connection that has us feel like we were not alone, so now we can create the future together."
A Gift to Start Your Journey
The Family Meeting Worksheet guides you in creating goals as a couple in each area of life, as well as helps you catch any areas where one or both partners is not completely fulfilled in a proactive exercise.

The worksheet is the perfect way to connect and collaborate as a team to always grow your relationship.
Download your worksheet & sit down weekly together.

Cheers to your partnership!

Much love, The Freemans
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