Finally... a relationship coaching certification that is modern, accredited
(by the International Coaching Federation), and teaches you to build a successful relationship coaching business!

Finally... a relationship coaching certification that is modern, accredited (by the International Coaching Federation), and teaches you to build a successful coaching business!

Becoming a Certified Relationship Coach is For You if:

  • First, you are committed to having your own relationship thrive.
  • You desire to scale your current coaching business offerings and revenue.
  • You are a new coach and want to join a community of relationship coaches, and not start from scratch.
  • You want to leverage the credibility of an accredited program.
  • You want to move out from charging per hour to selling coaching packages.
Relationship Coaching Is The Next Booming Niche!
Couples are looking for resources that are not therapy (because they feel as if something is wrong or needs to be fixed). Couples live busy, modern lives and are looking to learn and implement flexible and simple skills that produce results in connection and communication their day to day lives. That is where you come in because...
  • Who gets certified as a relationship coach?
    - Existing coaches (life, health, business) who want to start coaching couples and get in a new niche.
    - Marriage counselors who want to stop charging per session and break into a scaleable model.
    - Networking marketing couples looking to start a new business to impact personal relationships.
    - Anyone who has a burning desire to empower relationships and be known for making a difference!
  • Is the coaching industry still growing? Are there too many coaches?
    Coaching is the 2nd fastest growing industry in the world (over $1Billion) and it's not slowing down. Relationship coaching is least saturated segment of all the types of coaching.
  • Why couples are looking for alternatives to counseling:
    Couples are looking for resources that is not therapy because they associate it with something being 'wrong' or needing to be fixed. Couples live modern, busy lives and are looking to learn and implement flexible and simple skills that produce results faster in their relationship. Men, especially, are more open to coaching over counseling.
If this already aligns with what you've been looking for (not only becoming an effective relationship coach but also building a coaching business), apply and schedule an application call with The Freemans!
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This Is The Best Relationship
Coaching Certification To:

Master the most impactful relationship coaching skills
The comprehensive coaching program covers topics specifically tailored for every area of their relationship:

➤ Professional
➤ Spirituality

➤ Family

➤ Social
Actually build a profitable coaching business
Make an income while making an impact. Learn the critical skills to grow your coaching business:

➤ How to use public speaking to grow your biz
➤ How to host events and facilitate groups
➤ How to create different programs
➤ How to price your programs
➤ How to build your credibility
➤ How to make the 'sale' easy
➤ How to build your brand
➤ How to attract clients
Hear From Those Going Through The Certification Program:
best relationship coaching certification
best relationship coaching certification

As A Certified Coach You Will:

Be a part of a community and a team, not just doing this alone.
Have the tools to deliver modern, in demand coaching to a specific, ideal client couple, focused on growth.
Expand your skills to be an effective, impactful, and influential coach; in any circumstance.
Feel confident knowing that you deliver high-value coaching for high-investment priced offerings.
Receive 36 CCE Units  from the ICF


What Couples Will Say About Your Coaching:

They've helped us resolve a very difficult topic (trust) in just 2 hours. When this major conflict would come up we felt truly stuck, and would said things that hurt each other. With these practical tools, we solved this challenge so fast, at a point when we didn't even know what to do.
I honestly got more out of this one hour coaching call than the 2 months of counseling we've done. This actually gave me tangible actions I could implement in our relationship for the better, right away.

This Comprehensive Relationship
Certification Includes:

Video Training Days

Experience the most complete training as a coach and business owner:

Virtual Day #1: Become a certified facilitator of the #1 Relationship Assessment in the world

Virtual Day #2: Become an expert at delivering the 'Empowered Couples Coaching Program' that delivers results for your couples.

Virtual Day #3: Learn the elements of being a high level coach and master the ICF core competencies, with the strategy to grow your business.

You will receive a private login for a portal to download documents, video trainings and worksheet resources.

Live Monthly Calls

More than ever, relationship coaches need to collaborate. On these monthly group calls, you will get to:

Mastermind: Share and hear from other relationship coaches about what is working.

Grow: Continue to practice and develop your relationship coaching mastery by learning new principles.

Scale: Each month will cover a different element of building a successful coaching business, ranging from the art of sales, social media, attracting clients, growing your credibility and more.

Personal Private Coaching

Receive 6 Months of private coaching from the Freemans that elevate your program deliver mastery, and all the elements to turn your passion of relationship coaching into profit.

Get private support: Your business coach supports you in the areas you need most to be successful. While many certifications only include self-paced trainings, you get private coaching with us.

You will also get access to unlimited email coaching with The Freemans for one year.
What Couples Will Say About Your Coaching:

Why Clients Will Invest Into Your

It Resonates With Potential Clients

It's modern and up to date with the relevant relationship challenges that couples are facing.

Don't waste your time trying to convince potential clients why they should work with you.

Coaching is an Alternate Option to Counseling

It's growth and results focused which appeals to people who are drawn to personal development.

Don't worry, potential clients will feel the difference between 'fixing something' and growth from coaching.

Leverages a Proven Step-by-Step Curriculum

The content incorporates topics that have a holistic approach- psychological, habit oriented, spiritual, emotional and practical

Feel confident that you will cover all critical areas of their relationship, and what's most important to them.

Appeals to Couples in Any Relationship Season

It creates real life change for couples- whether preparing for marriage, married under 5 years, or together for 20 years

You will have the choice to work with the ideal couples that you'll enjoy working with.

It Provides Unique and Objective Results

You also get certified in the #1 relationship assessment tool in the world

Your client will never doubt your effectiveness and fairness when utilizing this tool.

Includes All Cultures and Spiritual Practices

The curriculum and content appeals to all cultures and spiritual practices

Don't worry about the principles and tools ever conflicting with a specific group or belief

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Certified Relationship Coach

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Schedule your interview with a team member
If we are both aligned, you can start immediately with video trainings and book your first coaching call.
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Meet Your Coaches

Aaron & Jocelyn Freeman
Authors of The New Power Couple, speakers, relationship coaches and founders of Empowered Couples University.

They've shared the stage with Tony Robbins, have led over 40 sold-out events for couples and have reached over half a million couples with their teachings.

Their vision is that all couples learn the relationship skills to be connected in any season of life, and to ultimately lower the divorce rate. Their Relationship Coaching Certification program is accredited, and they believe that relationship coaches must unite to truly impact marriages about the world.