To empower millions of couples with the relationship skills
needed to communicate better, fight smarter, and stay on the same team, no matter the challenge they face.


They are authors of The Argument Hangover® (which hit shelves in March 2021 and hit #1 New Release). They are founders of Empowered Couples University: providing relatable and actionable tools and skills for couples.

They are sought-after relationship coaches, and have worked with celebrity couples, public figures, and thousands of couples around the world. They have shared the stage with Tony Robbins, were nominated as Arizona’s 40 Under 40 Influencers, and have been featured in national media for teaching couples modern, practical skills and tools to work together through any life challenge- reaching over 1 million people around the world.

Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman have led over 50 sold-out live events for couples in Arizona and host one of the top 20 relationship podcasts on iTunes.

They are passionate about training and leading future relationship coaches and have an accredited coaching certification program.

Jocelyn & Aaron Freeman are ordained, and their vision is to make 'relationship development' the new 'personal development' and to lower the divorce rate in their lifetime.


Our biggest driver is for children to see healthy relationships and marriages. We believe it is our profound responsibility to model healthy love to our kiddos. Ultimately, we believe this will lower the divorce rate and lead to happier, healthier homes.
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How You Can Start Growing Together:

How You Can 
Start Growing Together

by Aaron and Jocelyn Freeman
Live event for couples to learn and practice communication skills to connect more effectively together.
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Some people think that once we met it was all 'fireworks and butterflies' from then on. It wasn’t…

While I (Jocelyn) felt quite strongly about Aaron immediately and even cancelled other dates that were scheduled, Aaron was keeping me at arm’s length. I had created so much clarity about what I desired in a partnership that I could feel in my gut instinct that Aaron was a part of that.

True and funny part of our story: Aaron tried to break up with me over the phone after two months of dating. We hung up the phone, then I called back within 15 seconds and I said that wasn’t going to work for me!  I could tell that fear was trying to pull him away. He said “oh okay” and we kept dating.

From that point on, we dove into really getting to know each other, including the vulnerable aspects that we would have been nervous to share in the past. It was like we surrendered to the power of what our partnership could be. We then implemented the values and tools you’ll see in our book and our lives shifted quite quickly.
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Jocelyn's Story

Growing up, I was extremely self-conscious, unsure of myself and lacked belief in my true worth and capability. Like many people, I had an overall supportive family with some challenges, but I had formed internal decisions and judgements. People couldn’t see it but I was hating my body, hiding underneath my clothing and withholding my thoughts and ideas.
Jocelyn Freeman
Without knowing my true self, I was seeking affirmation and love from people and chose things that weren’t in alignment with my feeling good. I didn’t know how to stop. I still went on to perform quite well in college, and initially pursued a career in healthcare. At this point, I had started to find that my self-esteem rose as I took care of my body and started to learn more about myself.

This process of discovering myself was happening over several years and was accelerated by diving into personal development courses, books, and seminars at the beginning of my nursing career. This was such a key time in my life because I started to see my true power and my true desires. It was a messy process of discovery but it opened my eyes to see I had underestimated what I was capable of and what we all are capable of in life. I shifted my beliefs and finally felt that I could build a life beyond my dreams with someone.

Aaron's Story

I was born and raised in Ohio and I am grateful to have a supportive family and group of friends. That gave me a great level of support and connection to navigate life at that time. While I had fun in high school playing sports, I truthfully lacked self-awareness and confidence about who I really was and who I wanted to be in the world.
Aaron Freeman
Like many people, my next step was college with the aim of entering the workforce and hitting that “six figure mark” as soon as possible. It seemed like the engineering career that I fell into would provide that and it was a very respectable profession to be associated with. Life felt pretty routine - go to work, go to the gym, eat dinner, watch tv and go to sleep….over and over again.

I had very few romantic relationships that ended in short order, not by my own choosing, which ultimately left me subconsciously identifying myself with that I did not need a partner and I would make it through life on my own. I discovered later that this was a defense my mind created to protect myself from those feelings of sadness and hurt that I felt; yet I lived like it was the truth. The job I had, the amount of money I had earned, the friends I had, the food I ate and the physical fitness level I had attained were all just the way they were. This was what life had given me. There was not much I could really do to change it, but why would I try as I had a “good life”.


We dove into really getting to know each other, including the vulnerable aspects that we would have been nervous to share in the past. It was like we surrendered to the power of what our partnership could be. We then implemented the relationship skills and tools you’ll see in our book and our lives shifted quite quickly.

We heard from so many couples that they didn't even know what resources existed for them to grow in their relationship besides counseling. We noticed more and more that our culture really only talked about the wedding day and then counseling as the only 2 resources for couples. BUT we decided to do something about that and introduced people to Relationship Coaching and created 'The Couples Workshop'- where couples felt empowered to learn new skills, and not embarrassed that they were trying to 'fix' something.

We then wanted to make 'relationship development' the new 'personal development' and so we founded Empowered Couples University, which hosts online and in-person events, courses, and coaching for couples to learn the key relationship skills none of us learned growing up. We are so grateful to have been invited to speak on large stages, hundreds of podcasts and so much more to have shared the message with over 1 million people. It's been a wild and powerful ride and we're always ready for more.

We are excited about the next steps in our growth and expansion. Let’s go!!