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Podcast Interview: Challenging Your Partner to Grow Outside Their Comfort Zone

Meet Sandy & Lon...

Married 53 years. Wow, yes 53 years!

They share truly powerful principles about partnership, marriage and DESIGNING your lives together.


Questions asked in this interview:

What would you say is the purpose of a romantic relationship?

What do you see is one of the biggest challenges in the current idea of relationships?

If a couple feels their life is far off from their ideal design, where can they begin?

How can you challenge your partner to grow, when uncomfortable or reach any limitation?

What led you to create programs and a business for relationships?

Do you ever feel pressure to be perfect as you lead workshops and events?

How do you prepare yourselves energetically to coach and speak?

How do you maintain passion and desire in your marriage after 53 years?

How do you balance being life partners and business partners?

TELL US about your upcoming book “The Real Deal”

How do you handle tense conversations or disagreements? Get easier over time, T/F?

Is there anything you wish you could go back and tell yourselves 20 years ago?


In this episode you will learn:

Joining us today is Lon and Sandy Golnick, co-founders of Relationship By Design, together they have been leading workshops, seminars and trainings in the fields of relationships, families and business relations for over 40 years. They bring 53 years of marriage, plus their experience as parents of two daughters and six grandchildren.
Lon and Sandy have the unique skill to listen intently and compassionately to engage people in being full partners to generate new opportunities in their relationships. 
They are dedicated to you experiencing being intimately related, appreciated and fulfilled. 
Lets jump right in to hearing from them how to Challenge Your Partner To Grow Outside Their Comfort Zone!


Guest resources: Connect more with this incredible guests here: https://relationshipbydesign.com

Connect more with The Freemans at www.MeetTheFreemans.com and follow them on instagram: @meet_thefreemans

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