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Podcast Interview: "Bring Play & Intimacy Into Your Relationship"

Meet Anaiya & Pete, living primarily in the South of France.

They share about pure miracles in their partnership, including how Pete LITERALLY showed up at Anaiya’s doorstep when she was convinced she would be single.


Questions asked in this interview:

How did you two meet?

Why do you believe people pursue relationship? Why do they want them?

Share a little more about what a “new paradigm” partnership is vs an “old paradigm partnership.”

How do you know when to just laugh something off or “keep it light” vs when do dive deep into a conversation together?

Is there a way you ask each other when you have permission to go deeper into a trigger point or “wound”?

What are some ways you keep it fun and light when it could have instead turned into a serious moment?

Pete, you said your favorite thing about partnership is “presence,” what does presence look like to you within a sacred union?

Pete, would you share with the group about what guided you to feel your previous divorce “completion” was in alignment?

Anaiya, did you write your book “Sacred Relationships” while you were with Pete?

How do you two play together?


In this episode you will learn:

How Anaiya met Pete literally at her doorstep when she lived in the middle of nowhere (miracles are real).

What is a “Sacred Relationship.”

How to balance fun/play and deep transformation work together as a couple.

Powerful practical masculine and feminine differences.

Exercises you can implement in the moment of “tension” to bring light energy to the situation.

Why it’s important to have an “inner marriage” within yourself as well as the “outer marriage” with your partner.

How to have compassion for your past partners (even past marriages) supports your current partnershipAnd so much more about the “new paradigm” of relationships.

More about the guests:

Anaiya Sophia is an independent mystic of an almost forgotten faith and a teacher of Kundalini Yoga. She carries an Oral Transmission from the Sacred Feminine Mysteries which she weaves into all her gatherings. She co-authored several incredible books, including our personal favorite: Sacred Relationships (a must read).

Pete is nobody’s fool first-three-Chakras-up man from a man’s background as a soldier, a climber, a divorcee but believer in the truth of loving Sacred Union, which as he sees it is The Work of Love. He brings to relating the ever-deepening quest for personal truth, integrity with courage and the determination it takes to face his own Shadows as the only true route through which he and we can open to the Light and Mystery of Love.

Together they run a beautiful and sacred bed & breakfast in the South of France.



Guest resources: Connect more with this incredible guests here: https://anaiyasophia.com

Connect more with The Freemans at www.MeetTheFreemans.com and follow them on instagram: @meet_thefreemans

Author: The Freemans

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