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Healthy Morning Routines For Couples

In surveying several couples, most of them described morning routines where they immediately jumped into technology. Do you wake up and immediately feel like you need to grab your phone or computer and read email or look at social media? Are you ready to create a healthy morning routine with your partner that brings you closer together? If you answered yes to either of those questions, this is for you. 

In today’s modern world driven by technology, we as couples face the challenges of how to grow, deepen and maintain our romantic connection. We’ve learned from mentors with thriving relationships around the world that mornings are a sacred time for us as individuals and as a couple. Watch this 2-minute video to get the details on why and what you can do: 


How Morning Routines Impact our Lives 

Ever since we implemented a morning routine several years ago, a massive positive impact started taking place in all areas of our lives as a couple.

Although we’re now retired from the corporate world, we implemented these habits while working full time, so we didn’t allow time to become an excuse.

In this video, you’ll get the answers to common questions from couples, such as:

- Can we benefit from meditating in the morning?

- Are there more ways we can connect more in our marriage?

- How is God in our relationship as we get into our day?

- What are healthy morning habits?

- How can we improve communication?

Key takeaways

Set your environment up for success. Do not jump into your electronic routine before doing something to nurture your mind or body. So many people jump up out of bed before they have done something to nurture their mind, body or soul. Before you do anything you have to set an intention. Without setting an intention you are leaving too much to chance and that makes it more difficult to go about your day. When your intentions are set your energy flows more positively. 

We share our morning routine to connect to ourselves body, mind and spirit. You can also watch Morning Routines for Couples on YouTube. And if you’re ready to dive deeper into your relationship, you’d love our FREE book “The New Power Couple”.

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