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7 Highly Effective Couple Habits

What is the benefit of knowing highly effective couple habits?

You've heard the saying ” to be successful, do as successful people do”, right?

So if you are looking to expand and have a successful relationship with your partner, knowing the right habits to implement would be the first thing to do.

Here we desire to give you the road map from successful couples that we have met, so that you can implement 7 highly effective couple habits to grow in your connection, your intimacy, your finances and every aspect of your relationship, together.

We believe that all couples desire to grow stronger together, to strengthen their marriage & to have a successful partnership. There are just times when things get in the way. These things are just habits that are not serving you or relationship any longer.

The great news then is once a habit is recognized as just a pattern and one that is not serving you any more, it can just be replaced. This is a part of you getting to create your relationship yourself. It never has to just “go the way it has been going”. 

Once you determine what you desire to experience in your relationship, you can select the habits that will best serve you in producing those results. 

Try starting with these:

1.The AM is your time: First of all, spend 20 minutes without technology to connect in a meaningful way. That can be reading a “morning intention” book together, talking over a cup of coffee or praying together.

2. Ask great questions: Can we call agree that, “how are you?” is a boring question? Rather, upgrade your questions to capture the experience: What is your intention for the day? How would you like to experience this day?

3. Reading: Maybe you don’t LOVE reading, but check to see if what you do read is empowering instead of reading things like toxic news or gossip magazines. Maybe even together you both can read a book that brings you closer and strengthens your vision for your relationship.

4. Empowering friendships: Spend some time together reflecting if the people you both spend the most time with make you feel like the best version of yourselves. If not, start to form friendships with people that do and spend time each week with them.

5. Share a calendar: It is powerful to know how you can best support each other when you know what the other person has going on each day and week. You can surprise each other with a supportive gift when you know the other person has a big meeting. Or if you want to plan a spontaneous trip, you do not have to consult with the other, you can just make it happen!

6. Strive for growth: Perfection is not obtainable, nor is it appealing. Growth is fun and full of potential. Therefore find events, seminars, retreats, etc that you both can do together that promotes inner-growth. They don’t have to look like what your friends do–find what intrigues you both.

7. Play and explore: Maybe most of all, success is a journey and not a destination, so play and celebrate in life. ‘Empowered Couples’ make joy & intimacy priorities just as much as they love to go to business meetings and have deep conversations. Find ways you both have fun and be sure to make time for those activities.

Please share with us the habits you feel make a positive difference in your partnership!

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Author: The Freemans

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