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Personal Development Books For Couples

What are the best personal development books for couples?

A question we are hearing more and more often. In today’s world, if you don’t enjoy sitting down and reading a book, you have so many alternate options. You can listen to an audiobook in your car or listen on your phone while on a walk/run.

But if you are willing to form the habit of reading, we highly advocate for couples to read in bed together before sleeping. Its a powerful way to connect, grow together and calm your nervous system before sleeping.

But which books help each individual grow to be the best version of themselves, while also bringing the two together and build a deeper relationship connection?

Here are a few of the favorite from us & the EmPowered Couples tribe:

1. A Happy Pocket Full of Money: David Gikandi

We know, it’s kind of an interesting name, but honestly one of the most powerful books we’ve ever read. It goes into awareness, manifesting and money mindset.

2. The 5 Love Languages: By Gary Chapman

A one-of-a-kind book to really discover how you each give and receive signs of love. You will truly learn about each other with this book.

3. The Power of Intention: By Dr. Wayne Dyer

This one is a must for setting intentions in partnership.


4. The New Power Couple: By Jocelyn & Aaron Freeman

A shameless plug for our book 😉 But honestly, we are honored the message channeled through us and the feedback we hear from couples about how it made a difference for them. You can get a FREE download of that here: Yes, I want the FREE Download!

5. Unleash The Power Within: By Tony Robbins

It’s critical that each person in a partnership is tapped into their individual power and passion. This book will support that and it is one of our favorite personal development books for couples.

6. The Way of the Superior Man: By David Deida

This book can be confronting for some men because it’s quite an evolved approach to the masculine energy in a partnership. This book has made a big difference in the masculine and feminine dynamics within our partnership.

7. The Re-Invented Woman: By Lila Gonzales

When a woman is tapped into her beauty, her passion, her grace, it’s a strong partnership. This book is a MUST for women. You can connect with her here for a FREE copy of her book: The Reinvented Woman

8. Untethered Soul: By Michael Singer

This book is especially powerful if you two are expanding your spiritual discovery and spiritual partnership. This book is incredible.

9. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: By T Harv Eker

This book has been extremely impactful in not only our money mindset, but also our money management. This process is what has set us up to be pay off all debt, be Angel Investors, pay for luxuries, give more money, retire from our corporate jobs and more and more. It’s a must for financial mindset.

10. The Big Leap: By Gay Hendricks

If you two are DREAMERS and you have a big vision, this book is a must because it shows you where fear stops us in our tracks. One of the most profound books in our growth as entrepreneurs.

11. The Bible

 With the Bible, we find it helpful to read Daily Devotionals and books that bring the Bible to application. There are too many to list, but of course the Bible can teach us just about anything in Christ Consciousness.

You might notice that many of the books listed are more to directed to the Self.This is because when two people are in alignment individually, the partnership thrives.

It’s about Interdependence and coming together as two people who love and respect themselves just as much as they love and respect their partner.

We would love to hear your feedback from the books.

In gratitude, The Freemans

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