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Setting Goals Together

Have you set your goals together as a couple?

The New Year is coming up quickly & there are two types of couples.

There are couples that sit back and let life happen to them believing that they don’t have any input into the direction. Or, there are couples who set clear collaborative goals for their upcoming year.

Which couple do you think will have a more fulfilled & connected year?

Definitely the couple that set goals together, right?

But it is surprising how few people set the time to sit down and let themselves dream, think bigger & set a vision for the next year.

Couples who share a collaborative vision find that they feel more inspired, alive and unshakable in the year even if unexpected twists happen. They provide ways to feel “up to something” together that you can evaluate throughout the year and feel a sense of growth.

Before we jump into some ways couples can have fun with goal setting for next year, we want to shift to saying “intention” instead of goals.

We focus on setting an Intention, which has such a juicy way of thinking:

“Intention is when the mind, with great earnestness and of choice, fixes its view on any idea, considers it on every side, and will not be called off by the ordinary solicitation of other ideas.”

An intention allows you to connect to Spirit & unlimited abundance. Whereas, setting a goal can often stimulate the ego & “making things happen” and “pushing.”

Setting an intention allows for flow and support by the unlimited Spirit.

So with that distinction, let’s dive into some ways you can sit down with your partner and create clear intentions for the New Year:

1. Schedule an open day to let yourselves dream and explore. Perhaps a Saturday or Sunday.

2. Set up your environment to inspire you: maybe music, good smells, comfy space.

3. Some people enjoy to also set their intentions with a “vision board” putting up pictures and words onto a poster board so you can visually see your intentions up on the wall.

4. Start by each of you writing down: “How do I want to feel in this next year.” This could be adventurous, peaceful, bold, abundant, etc. Write down 5-10 words and then share with each other.

5. With each of the words, start to ask yourselves what activities, places, people, experiences match up with those feelings and write them down. For example, if you said you want to feel “adventurous,” perhaps starting to hike & go to Peru are activities that would fulfill on that intention. Feeling abundant might look like starting the side-business you’ve always want to start. Write them down & then share with each other.

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7. Now as you two talk about these feelings and the matching activities, start to see which ones you both align with and can create as an intention together. Write statements like, “Our intention is to feel adventurous and we will begin hiking & travel to Peru in 2017.”

8. The more specific you can get with your intention the better, if you know specific cities, dates, people, list that all down.

Once you’ve written them down & shared them aloud, you must keep them present for yourself throughout the year.

1. Put them somewhere you’ll see them: maybe on your refrigerator, or office wall.

2. Begin to form habits that support the beliefs that you are deserving & capable of all of your intentions.

3. Ask Spirit to guide you each day to fulfill those intentions.

4. Visit them at least monthly with your partner to see if they still align with your values & ways to keep momentum.

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Set Intentions that Inspire Your Greatness & Partnership.


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