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10 Date Ideas for Healthy Couples

Are you looking for healthy date ideas?

Believe us, we love our movie and dinner nights. Laying on the couch after a delicious meal and watching a move is glorious… You know what we’re talking about? But, it’s important to keep things fresh, exciting and outside of the comfort zone in the house.But you also want to stay healthy, right? We get it…

So here are 10 ways to have fun dating each other while also staying healthy:

1. Find a local dance studio that offers couples dance instructions on a Friday or Saturday night.

2. Find a local restaurant or cafe hosting a local band and then go for a walk.

3. Find a local cooking class that caters to healthy recipes…make sure they play music, too!

4. Find a fun hike nearby or go for a short drive to find a good trail….don’t forget snacks!

5. Find a local museum that has a theme you both find interesting-maybe art or history!

6. Try something that’s a bit of a new challenge and a great workout–like indoor rock climbing!

7. Find a bar or cafe that hosts trivia nights.

8. Find a local stand-up comedy club and have a good laugh.

9. Go to a seminar where you learn something new together: money mindset, spiritual growth, etc

10. Super extra bonus: do something service oriented and volunteer together in a place that inspires you.

Mostly, just be sure to continue to be GRATEFUL for each other. Life really is precious and each moment can be a special way to connect with your partner.Keep dating, keep flirting with each other! (Read our book to take your relationship to the next level!)

A NEW date idea:

We have enjoyed going to the Float Lab or “Sensory Deprivation” experiences together. It is quite a fun experience together.

Watch our 3 minute video about the float lab: https://youtu.be/jjTuQumsrgk?list=PLMZtUUK01FK0_OWxPATtpcCD0JYLF1WpF

And, if you are local to Arizona and looking for fun date ideas in Scottsdale, come to our Couples Brunch and meet other like-minded couples:


Author: The Freemans

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