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Money & Couples: AZTV Interview

We are grateful for azTV to bring us on the show to talk about Money & Couples…and how that combination does NOT need to be stressful.

Money is one of our favorite topics because this has been a major area of transformation for us. We believe couples can strengthen their relationship to money (aka, not be stressed and fearful about money).

Why does money need to be the #1 reason for divorce? And why does money need to be the reported #1 stressor for the majority of couples?

We are here to change the statistics!

We share principles in this interview (& our book) about money mindset + structure for how to organize your finances.

Tune in below:


We are grateful for azTV to bring us on the show to talk about Money & Couples…and how that combination does NOT need to be stressful.

One of our favorite topics is to share about how people can expand their money mindset, strengthen their relationship to money through belief & structure. (and find out what we mean by “relationship to money”)

Tune in to this 5 minute interview where we talk about things like:

1. What should a couple do if one person is known as the “spender” and one as the “saver”?

2. Why is money the #1 stressor for couples & the #1 reported cause for divorce?

3. How do couples begin that conversation early on in marriage?

4. And how can couples use a “family meeting” to get on the same page and set goals?

5. And so much more.

Tune in to the entire video by clicking the video above.

A bit of our story: Many of you have been celebrating with us that one of the companies we invested in is airing on Shark Tank this weekend. We are so thrilled to share that the principles we implemented to be Angel Investors for a company (that is now on Shark Tank) so that couples can see that with ANY income, they can also invest & create a financial legacy.

In gratitude, The Freemans

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