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Interview: Relationship Advice With Rock Legend Alice Cooper & Sheryl Cooper

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Key takeaways include:

1) Their life experience of marriage, trust, faith and where commitment truly comes from. 

2) How they have used some of the biggest challenges or crises in their lives to grow more connected.

3) Why Alice Cooper believes that continuing to "date your spouse" is one of the healthiest habits you can implement.

4) Their top marriage principles and vulnerable personal stories behind how they have learned those principles.

5) How Alice Cooper met Sheryl Cooper.

6) The way Alice Cooper and Sheryl Cooper balanced marriage, family and their passion for music.

 "Never waste a good crisis to learn something." - Sheryl Cooper

We are honored to sit with delightful rock legend, Alice Cooper & the graceful Sheryl Cooper as they shared more about their relationship in this exclusive interview than we've never seen anywhere else.

This unique couple has lived with the high demand of traveling the world and experiencing celebrity for over 40 years! Many of those years involved living in the rock & roll party world of (yes you guessed it.... Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll).

Sheryl was trained in classic ballet and met Alice when she was 18 years old as she was selected to be in one of his shows. She barely knew about rock and roll at the time. She continued to dance with his tour for a year and then they married in 1976 in Mexico.

In 2011, Alice was inducted into rock and roll hall of fame and they are both proud of how they "married" classical broadway and rock together. 

They have 3 kids and live in Arizona. They now have a non-profit called Solid Rock Teen Center, which serves inner-city teens in AZ. The Teen Center gives kids a safe place to gather, feel safe and explore their music talents when that would otherwise not be available.

Through all of those years this EmPowered Couple has a strong relationship of love that all comes from a simple "Solid Rock" foundation of faith in God, which Alice says is what saved is life. 


"We ask ourselves every day how we can make each other's day even better."- Alice Cooper

We're grateful to have sat down with the two of them knowing this will greatly empower your partnership as well.

In gratitude, The Freemans

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