Masters In Relationships
Masters In
Relationships + Monetizing Your Vision
Hey, you two!
You have BIG dreams, don't you?
And to achieve them as a couple...whatever your goals & dreams are, you know in your core that the foundation is the strength's bond in your relationship.
Whatever your DREAM is, you’re in the right place to make it a reality
Barzel & Brenda's Story
The in-person immersion days with The Freemans started exciting and relaxing, then it turned confronting and challenging as we faced deep rooted issues of trust and respect.

After another in person session of communication with the Freeman’s followed by an emotional release & intimacy session, our energy was turned 180 and exponentially multiplied our connection together like we never have, truly making that evening and following morning one of the best moments of our life!

We can’t even put value to the difference this has made in being able to understand each other, be intimate (which we were a few times that day!), and create of relationship forward from a blank slate.
Cory and Jessica's Story

"We realized that even though we were doing what we loved and were passionate about, we were missing the clarity and direction needed to have our vision become a full reality.

With the simple process laid out by the Freemans, the accountability, and expert coaching, we could not be more excited to have filled our first Bali retreat and to be fully living our dream right now!"

Why Coaching

We believe 100% in the power of investing in ourselves and our dreams
It’s the most personalized way to grow together & break through any plateaus in your life, business, relationship.
One of our family values is GROWTH, and since you’re here - we can imagine growth is a driver for you, too.

Choosing Your Masters Program

Desire to grow stronger together in your core 8 areas of your romantic relationship.
Emotional Release Exercises
➤ Soulful Spiritual Discovery
Private Call: Female to Female
Private Call: Male to Male
➤ Self & Couples Meditation
Mastery of the Effective Communication Process
Resolving Any Conflict
Deepening Your Assessment Strength & Growth Areas
You desire to take your PASSION & turn it into a PROFIT.
Starting a business or becoming an angel investor
➤ Creating Aligned Income Streams
➤ Identify Your Ideal Client Avatar
➤ Create Your Offerings/Programs
➤ How to Effectively Present Your Offerings
➤ Building A Brand That Attracts People
➤ Effectively Working Together as a Power Couple Team
➤ Return on Your Investment with 2 Offerings!

What does the coaching look like?

EmPowered Couple's
Identify & thoroughly develop your precise areas of strength & growth with our  research proven curriculums
Leverage the #1 relationship assessment tool in the world that has helped over 4 million couples.
Elevate your strength and growth areas with your comprehensive development and action plan.
4 months of 8 virtual 2-on-2 coaching sessions with certified relationship coaches to skyrocket your strength and growth areas.
Recorded calls in your private login to refer back to.
Advanced workbook of exercises for self paced breakthrough development on all homework exercises including: conflict resolution, heart centered prioritizing and budgeting finances.
Weekly Accountability Email coaching on assignments for each area of partnership.

What are my first steps?

Already know you're ready to start?
Not sure yet? Schedule a 'Couples Vision Statement call  to get clarity.
Already know you're ready to start?
Only 3 Spots Left for Mar/Apr 2019!
Not sure yet? Schedule a 'Couples Vision Statement' call with the Freemans to get clarity.
Only 3 spots left for March & April 2019!
Aaron & Jocelyn Freeman:

Authors of The New Power Couple, speakers, relationship coaches and founders of Empowered Couples University.
They've shared the stage with Tony Robbins, were nominated as Arizona's 40 Under 40 Influencers, and are on a mission to reach one million people in the next two years through speaking and coaching couples.

Their vision is that all Couples create their Couples Vision Statement& feel like an unstoppable team.
Trevor & Elena's Story
"We had a lot of ideas of where we wanted to go with our business and a book we wanted to write, but had no real clarity as to where we were going.

A lot of procrastination going on. During the sessions with Aaron & Jocelyn, there were so many insights and clarifications for our direction, but also lots of learning how to work with intention and manifesting what we wanted to achieve.

We also received so many practical tips on how to get going with our business and book writing. Now we have our business in place with all our programs and our book is being published.

After trying for so many years to leave her 9 to 5 job, Elena is now working full time on the business. 

Whether you want to improve your relationship, start a business, improve your business or achieve goals together as a couple, we highly recommend you spend the time working with the Freemans to achieve your goals."

What other couples have said:

In 2 months of working with The Freemans we doubled our income & created two additional income streams.
Chandler, AZ Couple
We actually learned to work less hours, but take more inspired and clear actions towards our vision. We actually play a lot more now, yet our goals are catching momentum.
Phoenix, AZ Couple
Create A Couples Vision Statement
Schedule a FREE "Couples Vision Statement " Call today. A vision statement for your relationship will give you even more clarity on the direction your are going together, having you feel even more like a collaborative TEAM! 

We personally take you through the copyrighted 5 Step Process for creating your unique vision statement. This is the perfect way to connect and be re-inspired for what you are co-creating together.

We are excited to connect with you both soon.

With Gratitude, The Freemans

Your mentors

Jocelyn & Aaron Freeman are authors of The New Power Couple, speakers, relationship coaches and Founders of Empowered Couples University.

They have shared the stage with Tony Robbins, were nominated as Arizona's 40 Under 40 Influencers, and are on a mission to reach one million people in the next two years through speaking and coaching. Their vision is that relationships are thriving around the world, both intimate relationships and business relationships.

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