Need a Relationship Breakthrough Now?

We have all had times in our relationship where we feel stuck. Maybe you've been having the same disagreement repeat itself lately, or maybe you just can't see eye to eye on an area.

You don't need a long drawn out counseling session, you just need something NOW to have a breakthrough as a couple.

Schedule a Relationship Breakthrough Session to gain clarity, better communicate, be understood by your partner, and feel more like a TEAM that's moving forward!

So here's the deal:
~ 60 min video call with The Freemans
~ $150 to reserve your time spot
~ If you don't have a breakthrough, you can get a refund or you can apply it to a course

We are excited to connect with you both soon. With Gratitude, The Freemans

On this 60 minute call guided by the Freemans you will have a breakthrough in an area of the relationship that you feel stuck! This will bring relief, clarity, closer together, and support you in making collaborative decisions faster.

The Breakthrough Process


Pick a time that works for the 60 minute call via Zoom video. Then we will send you the invoice prior to that time. We offer 5 private 2-on-2 vision calls per month.


You will be guided by The Freemans in a practical exercise to Shift a belief or pattern that has had you stuck in a particular area of the relationship.


You will feel more connected and clear about the next Action to Take to create the actual change in your day to day life together.

We Teach Couples to Communicate Better
and Fight Smarter

Meet The Freemans...

Jocelyn & Aaron Freeman are authors of The Argument Hangover®, which hit shelves March 2021. They believe that behind any relationship challenge is a missing relationship skill (that can be learned). The Freemans are the creators of The Couples Workshop, which has sold out 49+ times with over 1000 couples attending.

They are founders of Empowered Couples University, which provides online courses for couples to gain the tools and skills to communicate better, resolve conflicts faster, and stay connected through any relationship challenge.

They are sought after relationship coaches, and have worked with celebrities, public figures, and thousands of couples around the world. They have shared the stage with Tony Robbins, have been guest instructors at universities like UCLA, and were nominated as Arizona's 40 Under 40 Influencers.

Their teachings have reached over 1,009,000 people around the world, and they invite you to be the next couple to join the Empowered Couples University!

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