Self Paced Relationship Course & Assessment

$ 797.00 USD
This self-paced relationship course brings together guided exercises, worksheets and teachings to learn the Healthy Relationship Skills none of us learned growing up. You will cover everything from clear communication, prioritizing your goals, overcoming communication challenges, feeling freedom in your finances, and deepening your intimacy.


◆ Things are 'good,' but you know it's gotten a bit mundane or you're not being the best partners you can be.
◆ You've done personal development, and now want  'Relationship Development'!
◆ You feel like your relationship isn't growing as fast as you are, or other areas of life (health, professionally, etc).
◆ You are in any of these stages: engaged, married 1 year, married 30 years.
◆ You're happy and just want to grow even more together.
◆ You're in a challenging season and you don't know what's next for your relationship.


• Take the #1  relationship assessment in the world, and then receive your personal Relationship Health Score.
• Premium Recorded Workshops led by a couple, for couples, in order to raise your Relationship Health Score

• Step-by-step guided exercises and worksheets to do as a couple (communication, intimacy, roles & responsibilities, and more)

• See examples and stories from other couples as they go through exercises and get interactive coaching

• Done in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace.
• Online access from anywhere, at any time, for LIFE!