The Money Course for Couples

$ 97.00 USD
Become even more on the same page and feel truly inspired by your potential around money. This course shows you how to select new income streams, organize your finances, and shift your belief to create more money as a couple. All of this from the privacy of your own home (car, office, or even on a walk) without hours of frustrating money conversations, trying to figure our your next steps together.


◆ You have the same 2 or 3 arguments over and over again about money
◆ You don't feel like you're living up to your potential financially
◆ You're tired of finances being a stressor in your relationship
◆ You see one of you as the 'saver' and one as the 'spender' and don't know how to get on the same page
◆ You have a burning desire to learn how to create additional income streams, but don't know where to start


• Mobile Access For Easy On-The-Go Listening
• 10 Top Wealth Strategies
• Our 4 Levels of Money Growth Exercises To Do As A Couple
• The Principles For Investing Consciously
• Guided Visualizations, Meditations, and Journal Exercises To Help Maximize Your Experience
• And Behind-The-Scenes Q&A's