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Handling Marriage Seasons When You Want Different Things: Vanessa + Robert Shaw
It is much less a question of if, but when, you will hit a season in your relationship that you both want different things. If you are currently in this season, it can look many different ways, maybe it's about where you live, what you do as a profession, kids, lifestyle, or even an overall change in life. You do not need to avoid this season, as you are about to hear from our great guests, Robert & Vanessa Shaw, but have the right tools to handle a season of your relationship in which you find yourselves wanting different things.
In this episode you will hear from top business strategist and speaker Vanessa Shaw and her husband Robert, who runs the high level coaching and speaking business to seasoned entrepreneurs and large organization executives. You will know that seasons of wanting different things will arise in your relationship and can even be expected. You will have the practical tools and ways to shift your mindsets together to approach and handle these seasons so that you can feel closer, more on the same page, and even stronger together by going through these seasons.
Listen in and meet Robert & Vanessa who share their story of living in Switzerland, being a diplomat for the UN, having major challenges arise with their son, Vanessa needing a change in her life, moving to America first on her own, and the incredible journey they have been on to create a massive coaching and speaking business, all while becoming even more connected over their now 24 years of marriage.

Questions asked in this interview:

  1. Can you have everything you want in life, all at once?
  2. How do you integrate everything you desire and have it thrive all in one season?
  3. How do you best leverage each other’s differences and strengths?
  4. What allows you to approach these seasons of life from a “we” perspective?
  5. What were the steps to invite your partner into personal growth, when they had never even heard of the term before?


“The ability to reinvent yourself is the most incredible and exciting opportunity you have in this life”
“When you have deep respect for each other’s differences, you are able to approach any life circumstance as a “WE” and not just an “I”.

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