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Marriage Myth Busting & Leveraging Your Differences: Lindsey + Elliot Schwartz
There are a number of things that couples make assumptions on that have been passed on over the years and have now become more myth that fact. We are a new generation, always innovating in industry, tech, and reinventing who we are as individuals. In that environment wouldn’t relationships have to evolve as well?
YES! But most see marriage as a fixed thing. In this episode we are LIVE in the home of Lindsey and Elliot, to explore how their own relationship has evolved as they have and how they see marriages as a whole transformed and what myths can now be BUSTED! As well as the idea that having major differences as individuals is something to overcome or change about the other person. When they can be leveraged to grow you even more!

Bio of guest:

Lindsey & Elliot Schwartz have been married for 8 years. Elliot is in medical device sales and responsible to the Southwest region. He is so effective that he is #1 on his team because of his authentic approach to sales that support the nursing staff as the heroes they are. Lindsey is the author of “Powerhouse Woman”, coach and founder of the influencer brand of the same name. She hosts the Powerhouse Women’s annual event that draws 200 plus women to come together, support each other’s genius and create a network of empowered women to pursue their passions. Together they have built and run a health and wellness business, and volunteer their time coaching kids basketball leagues and mentoring young girls through JR high and High school to grow into the women they were meant to be.

Myths to bust and questions asked in this episode:

Men are head of the household.
You will have to sacrifice connection/fulfillment at some point (for career and supporting family, health, kids, travel ect)
You will have to agree on every decision.
There is a honeymoon phase and it will always fade.
What is really different about each other?
How to you leverage that rather than trying to avoid or change the other?


“Go into every situation assuming your partner has the best intentions, you will be able to better understand what they really have going on internally”. - Lindsey
"I have a short memory, that's why I have such a big heart" - Elliot

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