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Invalidating Each Other’s Feelings-The Sneaky Ways You Do This To Each Other

So here you are, trying to share with your partner something that is important to you and something that you feel emotion around… Then they say something like: “you are overreacting, it’s not that big of a deal”,  or even “that doesn’t make sense!” You immediately feel invalidated and maybe that your feelings don’t matter, right? This causes many upsets and conflicts for couples and at the very least, disconnects you from love and understanding from your partner. 

Today’s topic came from a coaching session we had this week, in which we then posted this question to our couples community: “Do you ever notice that you feel your emotions are invalidated by your partner, what has you feel that way?” There were many replies and great examples of the words and actions that caused people to feel invalidated (we will cover a number of them). 

From this episode you’ll take away:

  • What causes you to feel invalidated
  • The 3 reasons why this is used as a  defensive mechanism
  • The new actions to take to keep from invalidating each other’s emotions


“Yes there are universal truths, but there are also personal truths for both you and your partner. What you BOTH are feeling right now are both true for YOU!” - Aaron 

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