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Weather A Financial Downturn Without It Hurting Your Marriage: Elena Cardone
Things have absolutely changed in the world and in your life from this pandemic. You probably experience a change in your relationship roles (including taking on additional roles you never thought you would have to) and the amount of time you are in your home and around your partner. Plus, no matter what type of job, career, or business you are in; you probably have felt an impact in your finances! 
Of course this has always been a top stressor on marriages, but now it can be glaring at you in the face, having you feel a lot of fear and uncertainty. This can bring up additional tension and pressure in your relationship together causing you to fight against each other. 
So get ready to hear from iconic Elena Cardone, as her and her husband Grant are no strangers to challenges, financial downturns, and crashes. What you are going to know from Elena is that marriage is what makes you a better individual and how you can handle financial downturns. You are going to have the ways to stop fighting about ‘small things’ when you envision, create, and defend your vision and empire together (whatever size it might be). Plus the ways to leverage your individual strengths and weaknesses. So you will feel complete trust, support, and confidence to lay the groundwork to fulfilling your dreams together, no matter what challenges arise.  


Questions Asked In This Interview:

  1. You two had started your relationship 3 years before the 2008 crash. So while many people still feel the impact of that time what was your mindset and belief during those times, that positioned you to be here now? 
  2. What can couples do (including believing) to keep from panicking and weather a financial downturn together without letting money hurt their marriage?
  3. In your book as well as personally in the media, you talk about “guarding your empire”-- what does that look like for couples right now? 
  4. Many of the pressures on marriages come from forced change in relationship roles. What are some of your strategies for balancing parenting, business, and your vision as a couple?
  5. Have you and Grant been getting any couples time or huddle together during the quarantine to always be on the same page? 
  6. What are ways that couples can come out stronger after this season? 



“When you are attacking your partner, you are playing at a very small level and a small game. You need to have goals and visions that are big enough and exciting enough and know who it is you want to be as a couple.” 
“It’s not about male or female, it's about your strengths and weaknesses and who does what best within the relationship. Do what you need to do and have 100% trust in your partner”
“Its vital to be able to change and not be fixed on ideas about the way things are supposed to be.”
- Elena Cardone


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More About The Guests Elena & Grant Cardone: 

They are a truly iconic couple that is building an empire. First for their family as they have been married for 15 years and are loving parents to two children (one of which you will even hear join at the end!)
Then second for other families as they are both best-selling authors, host the 10X Growth Conference, one of the largest for thousands of entrepreneurs, and run one of the largest real-estate empires (Cardone Capital) in the world, valued at $800 M. With this they have been able to raise hundreds of millions for charities. As you will hear from Elena, she passionately wants to empower women partners and help make marriage cool again! 
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