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Emotional Triggers-When Your Partner Triggers You Take These Steps

You know those things your partner says or does that TRIGGER you? YES trigger, meaning you have an automatic emotion that comes up that then causes you to get upset. Then from there you may both do things that hurt and keep you disconnected for hours, days, or even weeks! 

You’re not alone, we received hundreds of comments when we asked the community what triggers them in their relationship. This episode comes directly from a post on FB and Instagram about “what does your partner do that triggers you?”  

We share what many of those responses were PLUS:

  • The root cause of your personal triggers
  • 3 things you can do differently when you do get triggered
  • And how to talk calmly to your partner about triggers so they can support you


“It’s not your partner’s responsibility to tip-toe around your emotional triggers. It is your opportunity to identify them, heal them and then ask them to support you.”

“Become aware, then share!” 

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