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How To Take Feedback To Not Get Defensive + The Major Difference Between Criticism & Giving Feedback

Swinging for the fence right from the start here… criticism in your relationship in one of the top four things that lead to disconnection and divorce (*The Gottman Institute). Even besides that fact, being criticized by your partner just sucks! It leads to arguments, conflicts, and a loss of connection at best. 

Though it may seem like a topic that you want to tell your partner to listen to, because this is something that THEY need to work on, there are key things that you BOTH can work on to better receive feedback, give feedback, and the major difference between criticism. With this you will be able to use feedback in your relationship at the right time and to evolve your relationship to be even better! 

From this episode you’ll:

  • Know the difference between criticism and feedback
  • How to take feedback without getting defensive
  • How to both give and receive feedback in your relationship to become stronger together

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