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Building Trust In Your Partner To Make The Big, Risky Decisions: Mike + Hannah
Today you will meet, hear from, and be inspired by Mike and Hannah Place. Not just for what they do as entrepreneur strategists and performance coaches, but by how they got to this place and the level of trust and playfulness they now have through that process. A process that you will be able to implement as in this episode you will know that your relationship is meant for you to learn and grow and an individual and that together, faith and trust are your foundations to creating your life and marriage. You will have the ways to reduce the significance in big decision making and the tips to stay connected even when your purpose calls you to be away from each other. You will end feeling a greater sense of trust and confidence in yourself and in your partner that you are making the best decisions for your future together.

Questions Asked In This Episode:

1) Was your commitment to making relationship connection attempts natural or more intentional?

2) What is an example of where you needed to use the code word to bring you back together?

3) Do you always need to find the middle ground or do you let the other take the lead in decision making?

4) Hannah, how do you balance the graceful and the gladiator energy as a female and as a wife?

5) Mike, what was it like to start to experience more of the gladiator energy from Hannah?

6) What was it like to move to a completely new state, and how did you make that big decision?

7) With your traveling lifestyle, many times traveling apart, how do you stay connected?

8) What are separate ways you both make deposits into the love bank account?

9) How to you keep play alive and not have things be taken so seriously?


"Don't assume your partner knows you love them, show & tell them, then there is no question durning those difficult moments"!
"An empowered couple isn't a perfect couple, it's a couple who commits to growth!"

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