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3 Challenges Modern Day Couples Face And Breaking Through Them: The Freemans
Welcome to the next Mini Chat with the Freemans! This episode is all about MODERN marriage & the challenges that we all face in today’s world. Now let’s be real, life looks quite a bit different today than even 10 years ago, 20, and definitely 50. You face new challenges that most people don’t address because it seems like it just ‘is’ that way….BUT we have solutions for you. Meaning, ways you can breakthrough these modern challenges you face as a couple. We promise, this will be relatable, practical solutions you’ll want to implement right away!

The 3 modern challenges addressed (and their solutions) in this episode:

1) The pressure to play so many different roles
Solution - talk through any unspoken expectations you have of yourselves and each other.

2) Feeling too busy and tired (yet craving more joy and fulfillment)
Solution - Prioritize a bonding activity every weekend BEFORE chores and to-do lists. Plus refer to your Couples Vision Statement?

3) Repeating yourselves from communication getting shortened into quick micro conversations
Solution - Block time to have authentic family meetings and truly talk about how you’re doing


“Don’t just fill your calendar, make sure you fill your cup together” - Aaron

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