Attract Your Soul Mate

March 13, 2018

Join Jocelyn Freeman and a group of Goddess women in this unique evening.

Click the FB link to join and RSVP:

What could actually feel good.What if....attracting our (soul) mate could be approached in an entirely new way. This event is about (RE)discovering--->~Self-love and self-confidence~What YOU really want in a partner~Who you desire to be as a partner~What limits/constraints/barriers might be there for you (AND unblock them!)~Where to meet your soul (mate)~What love and relationship can mean to you~Healing any past incompletions in relationships~Connecting with accepting and compassionate women~AND so much more.For the Feb event, there will be a theme posted as it gets closer.And we will enjoy the ancient beverage (cacao) as a heart opener and delicious drink. 

You will love it :-)The request for this event is a $10 donation.***Yes, please feel too invite other amazing women. 

***The location is new as we outgrew the last location

***We have a beautiful private conference room at this gorgeous club

Much love, Jocelyn