A Gathering of Soul Mates

July 11, 2018

Soulful Conversation + Kakao Ceremony + Connection

Come single or in a relationship, males and females welcome


-Attracting Your Soul Mate in a NEW way

OR -Connecting more to your current Soul Mate and partner now


-Each month will have a different theme 

-Soulful conversation facilitated by The Freemans

-Kakao is a heart-opening drinking chocolate from South America that inspires soulful conversations

The topics will be:

-Spiritual discovery

-Dating in a new way that feels good

-Deepening your current relationship

-Creating Alignment & Intention in your relationships

Donation of $10 please

Located in a private conference room in the village. 

A welcoming ambiance will be created.Again, for single or people in a relationship. All welcome.