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The Freemans

How Vibrations & Alignment Play A Huge Role In Your Success

Its through your internal state that results are produced easier and faster.

What would it be like if the results you desired to produce took form with more ease and speed, while taking even less action than you are now?

Lots of resources are out there now about energy from a quantum physics perspective, that which makes up the physical world we live in. Atoms and subatomic particles are a common conversation in our early educational system, that which makes up matter. 

However modern science does not quite know how to practically “use” newer discoveries when we break down further into quarks, energy packets. Yet they know the universe is vibrating, which we measure as a “frequency”. 

There is a relationship between these vibrations that have effects beyond proximity and our perceived limitations of time and space. “Not only is the universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can think” – Nobel Prize Physicist, Werner Heisenberg .

Watch this video clip from my upcoming TED talk on “The Vibration Effect”. You will see how its not about taking massive action, but taking aligned action after setting a “high vibration internal state”. 

Author: The Freemans
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