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The Freemans
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Quarantined with Your Spouse? at-home activities

Quarantined With Your Spouse? 7 at-home activities

Friends, we’re all in this together...even if we’re all homebound.

Since you’ve likely got some extra time with your partner lately, utilize the time for good. Heres 7 activity ideas:

✔︎start a project together that you’ve been putting off. maybe fixing something up around the house, or maybe an online biz you’ve thought of!

✔︎clean out some junk in your closets, drawers and hidden nooks. out with the old, make space for the new!

✔︎crack open your fav board games! tap into a little competitive play with some good music on. make it extra spicy and play strip poker together

✔︎take turns picking a movie from your high school days. reminisce about your teen years and stories about what you were like

✔︎watch a self-development video on YT together and talk about your takeaway and discoveries. hint, hint...the Empowered Couples Web-show launched this week!

✔︎create a 5 star restaurant experience at home. get overly dressed up together, light candles and cook a fancy meal.

✔︎re-visit your vision board and write your biggest goals and dreams for life! even plan out your next 3 ‘bucket list’ activities you’ll pursue once we all leave home again

Perspective is everything right now. Who knows, maybe you can connect even more and feel extra productive in the midst of some of the world stressors!

Which one are you excited to try most?

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