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The Freemans

Podcast: 3 Morning Habits to do with Your Partner

Do you start your morning connected, peaceful and inspired?

Or do you start in a rush...hurrying to your phone, to get to a meeting, and barely have a chance to ask your partner what they are doing that day?

A common question we receive from couples is about how to start the morning, how to set daily intentions TOGETHER and how to do this in a short period of time, even 10 minutes.

Tune in to this mini podcast episode here on iTunes: 3 Morning Habits to do with Your Partner to Have a Powerful Day

Whether you have an hour, 10 mins or 30 mins...in this episode you will:

Know: the key difference between reacting or responding to life as a couple.

Have: 3 ways to proactively start your morning as a couple to be effective, productive and high vibe.

Feel: Peaceful and empowered to start your day together.

Tune in to hear more of this episode here on iTunes: LISTEN HERE

Much love, Jocelyn & Aaron Freeman

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Author: The Freemans
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