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The Freemans
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9 Unique Hobbies For Couples To Bond & Have Fun

We are committed to altering the idea of only the first year being a ‘honeymoon phase’ full of fun, connection and romance.

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The EmPowered Couples community is a collective of couples who are bringing intention into their relationship each and everyday...

believing that relationships and marriage can be full of fun, exploration, bliss and adventure.

So pick one of the following Unique Hobbies For Couples and try one this next month:

1. Try Fencing Lessons

Fencing? Yup! We saw this was offered at our gym and thought ‘wow, that would be so much fun to get into a friendly battle together, pretending we are in the 1600’s. 

come on, we all still have a childhood imagination.

2. Try Kickboxing

Kickboxing Surprisingly so much fun and a great way to release energy and also get in a great workout.

just make sure you resolve all arguments before heading in ;-)

3. Start a YouTube Channel about a subject your two are passionate about

More and more couples are starting businesses together and we love seeing that! If you two are passionate about a subject (even something like chess) there are people who want to learn from you.

(looking for couples coaches to help you do this?- head over here)

4. Painting lessons

This can take many forms, you can even find pottery painting, canvas or even body painting ;-) )

5. Tennis

Honestly, tennis gets addicting! It’s high-paced and we feel fun and flirty together during this hobby.

6. Music Lessons

Perhaps a piano and guitar duo? 

Maybe you’ll even become famous! But even if it’s just for the two of you, what is more romantic than creating beautiful music together.

7. Baking Lessons

Hello Gluten Free Vegan Cupcakes made by your beloved.

Imagine teasing your partner by tossing some batter at them when they least expect it, or tasting your final product together. Yum! 

And so much fun to create something delicious from scratch together.

8. Master Kundalini Yoga

If you two enjoy more spiritual and breath work practices, perhaps dive in deeper and learn to be experts. This might even look like going through teacher training together or going on a yoga retreat. 

9. Photography or Making Videos

Traveling around your city or world and mastering the craft of photography or videography can be extremely fulfilling. 

It’s a craft that can be something you develop over your long lives together and be able to look back at all the fun memories you’ve created.

Which hobby are you selecting to try?

Here’s the fun thing... if you try it for 3 weeks and still don’t like it, you can stop that and pick up another.

The best part of life is exploring what’s possible and learning together as a couple.

That is true bonding as a couple.

Cheers to your partnership, Love The Freemans

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